Bite Science

Get on the bite!

Bite Science launches with eight iconic tail shapes and a range of jig heads to match. The tail shapes and their colours were developed, tested and refined here in Australia over 18 months, resulting in swim actions full of wiggle and flutter that are proving irresistable to many Aussie target species.

The unrigged tails come pre-scented with fish attractant, to maximise fish-catching ability without the need to buy and apply scent separately.

Available in independent tackle stores across Australia.

Bite Science Soft Plastic Technology

New for 2023: Bite Science Multi Packs with jig heads

Maximise the options, minimise the guesswork. Target your favourite species with a variety of tails and jig heads that are designed for that fishing application. Five packs available.

The Bite Science Dirty Grub is a versatile curly tail soft plastic which is proving to catch fish in all Aussie conditions. The Dirty Grub with its ultra-jittery tail is especially deadly on bream, flathead, perch, bass, and many others.

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Bite Science Bunker Busters are an all-round lure that catches almost anything: ideal for estuary, bream, barra, cod. The ribbed underbelly throws off vibrations that get the fishes attention and the longer subtle curly tail entices the bite!

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The Jerk Minnow is a natural minnow design and ideal for landing inshore and offshore species alike.

Work it down deep along reef and structure or along the top for larger pelagic species. Target species such as snapper, flathead, mulloway, queenfish and even kingfish.

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The tight and slender shape means this plastic is designed to be worked fast and erratic. The Mad Minnow will sink quickly which makes it ideal for deep schooling species such as beam, bass or perch, however it is just as effective to be worked with speed similar to a stick bait high in the water column for pelagic species like salmon and tailor.

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The Kick Minnow takes the slender and compact profile of a minnow and adds a small yet vigorous paddle tail.

The Kick Minnow really comes into its own when worked along rock walls and structure where the fish are waiting to pounce. A great go-to lure for finding schooling species such as bass or bream and even right through to mulloway and barramundi in the larger models.

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The Thump Shad is a large paddle tail soft plastic which comes pre-rigged with an internal (removable) jig head so it's ready to catch fish straight out of the packet.

The oversized paddle tail on the Thump Shad allows the lure to be fished ultra-slow, just letting the tail do the work. Perfect for barramundi, mulloway, large flathead, Murray cod and much more.

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The Creepy Critter has multiple appendages which twitch and wiggle with even the slightest of movement. It resembles a small crustacean such as a crab, yabby, shrimp or nymph which many Aussie species love to eat. Target Species: bream, bass, perch, trout, flathead, mangrove jack, barramundi and more.

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Many estuary predators such as whiting, bream, flathead or even luderick will not pass up a sand worm. So the Twitch Worm is a great lure choice for all estuary anglers.

Designed to be fished over shallow sand flats or close to structure and boat hulls where bream are laying and waiting for their next meal.

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BKK Heavy Wire Hooks.

Hydro-Torp enhanced-action design.

Grapple-lock Collar grips plastic tight.

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