Bite Science Creepy Critter Soft Plastic Lures

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Type: Lures
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Rolling out now to independent tackle stores across Australia.

This little critter creeps along the bottom and turns predators to prey as they cannot resist a bite. The Creepy Critter has multiple appendages made from a Max Action Formula which twitch and wiggle with even the slightest of movement. The Creepy Critter is intended to emulate a small crustacean such as a crab, yabby, shrimp or nymph which an array of Aussie species absolutely love to eat.

This soft plastic is best fished with a light jig head for shallow water and not a lot of action needs to be imparted to entice the bite, however it is equally effective worked down deep along structure. Species such as bream, bass, perch and even trout have been tamed by the smaller models of the Creepy Critter and the larger models are dynamite on flathead, mangrove jack, barramundi and more.