Your reel should provide many seasons of dependable service. However, like any tool, fishing reels must be cared for. After each day of fishing, the reel should be cleaned thoroughly. If you have been fishing in saltwater, wash the reel with warm soapy fresh water until all salt deposits are washed away. Be careful not to use a gush of water to clean the reel, as this will drive salt particles into the reel’s internal mechanism. Instead use a light stream of water or very fine spray merely to dissolve and wash away saltwater particles that have accumulated on the external parts of the reel.

Dry excess moisture from the reel and sparingly lubricate all areas. Many fisherman use a pressurised spray oil for quick and easy lubrication after washing their reel. If you choose to do this make sure you wash the reel first. Should any oil get on your line, simply wipe off the excess. Frequently lubricate all frictional points, for best results use Jack Erskine or Quantum Hot Sauce reel lubricant, or Jack Erskine or Quantum Hot Sauce reel grease if you are re-greasing internal parts.

Use only greases designed for fishing reels. Marine and other greases contain lead particles that may cause damage to fishing reel gears. Your reels should always be stored in a cool dry place. Do not store in a plastic bag as this may cause condensation. Periodically inspect your reel and tighten any loose screws or fittings. Depending on use, your reel should be overhauled at least once every season.


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If you choose to service the reel yourself, make sure you use good quality grease, and remember do not over lubricate. Small amounts of grease in the correct places are more important.