Bite Science Mad Minnow Soft Plastic Lures

RRP $7.95
Type: Lures
SKU: 330114

Fish go mad for the Mad Minnow! A lot of "Bite" Science has gone into the design and profile of this minnow style soft plastic. The tight and slender shape means that this plastic is designed to be worked fast and erratic. The Mad Minnow will sink quickly which makes it ideal for deep schooling species such as beam, bass or perch, however it is just as effective to be worked with speed similar to a stick bait high in the water column for pelagic species like salmon and tailor.

Each Mad Minnow model is injected with an irresistible squid scent which Australian fish species cannot get enough of. Bite Science soft plastics are made with an XT Ultra-Tough material which means you will catch more fish per lure!