Tsunami Raptorz Spinnerbait Lures

RRP $12.95
Type: Lures
SKU: 50971
  • Proven skirt colours
  • Ezi-Spin blades
  • Balanced designs
  • Weed and snag resistant
  • Premium components
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Versatile Colorado and Willow Blade combinations

Raptorz spinnerbaits maximise fishing results in freshwater river, creek and dam habitats. These reaction baits combine premium components with proven colours, sizes and blade patterns to attract and entice fish to strike.

The balanced designs and smooth Ezi-Spin blades generate a distinct flash and vibration that provokes aggressive reactions from predatory fish. Raptorz spinnerbaits prove highly effective on snag and weed-dwelling species such as Australian bass, golden perch, sooty grunter, Murray cod, silver perch and introduced redfin.