Jarvis Walker Wire Leaders With Coastlock Snap

RRP $3.95
SKU: 364306

Jarvis Walker Wire Leaders with Coastlock Snaps are an essential terminal tackle accessory for taming the toothiest critters in the sea. These tough wire leaders eliminate the risk of razor sharp teeth slicing through lines and are essential for targeting predatory species such as mackerel, tailor, barracuda, and many other reef or pelagic species.

The Jarvis Walker Wire Leaders also include tough Coastlock Snaps rather than standard snaps. The Coastlock Snaps are easy to open for quick interchanges between lures or hooks, but their design is also extremely strong and secure when locked into place. Each wire leader also comes complete with a swivel that minimises line twist and also functions as a tie point.

The stealth-black wire leaders are available in 12 length and wire class combinations. The lengths include 9”, 12”, and 18” options and an assortment of strength classes (40lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb, and 150lb). Each packet contains 6 wire leaders that are ready to fish.

The Jarvis Walker Wire Leaders with Coastlock Snaps are tough, durable and reliable, and they provide an effective insurance policy against toothy fish. Whether used to specifically target sharp-toothed fish or deployed for added protection from unwanted bycatch, these heavy-duty wire leaders offer amazing value and security. As the famous adage states, it's better to be safe than sorry!