Jarvis Walker Soft-Sided Lure Bag - Medium with 2 LB3000 Boxes

RRP $39.95
SKU: 87130

Jarvis Walker Soft-Sided Lure Bags provide a convenient tackle storage solution for anglers on the go. The handy carry bags help to organise, secure and protect terminal tackle, accessories and personal items in a neat and tidy system.

The Lure Bags feature padded and adjustable shoulder straps for premium comfort as well as multiple pockets and pouches for pliers, scissors and personal items. The bags also come equipped with two removable tackle trays for storing hooks, sinkers, swivels and lures.

The Soft-Sided Lure Bags are constructed from extremely durable and flexible materials. They are tastefully designed with a blue and grey colour scheme and includes two LB3000 Boxes.

The Jarvis Walker Soft-Sided Lure Bags provide a fresh new look and improved functionality for portable tackle storage systems. They are also easy to carry or stash in a car or boat. Most importantly, the Lure bags keep critical tackle organised and within reach so that you can focus on catching fish!