Jarvis Walker Scented Worm Lures

RRP $6.95
Type: Lures
SKU: 330031
  • Fish-attracting colours
  • Strong impregnated fish scent
  • Ultra-soft body
  • For use in fresh water or salt water

Compared to live baits, Jarvis Walker Scented Worms serve as the better option - they’re clean, easy to use and they last a lot longer.

Jarvis Walker Scented Worms are effective fish catchers with a proven bloodworm colour. These scented worm lures are tested and proven to work very well in any fishing conditionand will tempt even the most inactive target species onto the hook with their lifelike movements.

Another advantage of Jarvis Walker Scented Worms is the uniquely strong impregnated fish scent - a proven fish attracting feature.