Jarvis Walker Fishing Bucket ( 20 Litre )

RRP $14.95
Type: Netting
SKU: 42221

A Jarvis Walker Fishing Bucket is a valuable accessory for any fishing or outdoor adventure. Whether used to carry equipment, bait, or your catch, these sturdy and versatile buckets definitely make fishing, boating, and camping life easier.

Unlike flimsy household buckets, the Jarvis Walker Fishing Buckets are constructed from sturdy plastic. The buckets include a snug lid that secures the contents, a heavy-duty wire handle for strength, and a plastic handgrip for comfort while carrying heavy equipment.

The rigid and sturdy construction of the Jarvis Walker Fishing Bucket results in a multi-functional design. The bucket also acts as a temporary live well for live baitfish, prawns, and yabbies, and it even backs up as a handy seat during beach or camping trips. On top of that, these buckets will also securely store any grubby or sandy gear for the journey home.