Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs

RRP $2.95
SKU: 36100

Catch live bait the easy way with Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs. They're ready to catch bait right out of the packet.

The 3-Hook Bait Rig models are primarily designed for states where bait rigs and sabiki rigs are restricted to a maximum of three hooks. However, they can also be used in states where a higher number of hooks are permitted. The 6-Hook models can only be used in states that permit those number of hooks.

Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs are strong, easy to manage and are constructed to a high standard. Each rig comprises quality hooks, reflective holographic lure foils, red thread and green beads. Packets of the 3-Hook models contain two complete rigs, while packets of the 6-Hook rigs have one complete rig.

Jarvis Walker Bait Rigs are easy to attach to your main line and they’ll promptly stock your buckets full of fresh baitfish. Keep a few packets ready for action in your tackle box or boat.