Jarvis Walker Assorted Rigs

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  • Everything you need
  • Large, proven variety

Jarvis Walker Assorted Rigs feature unique combinations of hooks, snaps, swivels, sinkers, floats, leaders, flashers, dodgers and more. These rigs are expert designed for specific fishing techniques and species.

Each Jarvis Walker Fishing Rig is easily identified for a specific purpose by its name. This makes it quick and easy to decide on the right tackle set up for your fishing adventures.

Jarvis Walker Rigs include Salmon Rigs, Sand Whiting Rigs, Bream/Flathead Rigs and Snapper/Mulloway Rigs. These rigs are not limited to use for these target species, so expect to catch a range of other fish.

Jarvis Walker Assorted Rigs take the guess work out choosing a rig for a particular species. Simply tie a Jarvis Walker Rig to the end of your line and you are good to go.