Bite Science Predator And Jig-Heads Multi Pack

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Type: Lures
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A variety of tail shapes and jig heads for fishing in estuaries and inshore/coastal.
Target Species:
  • flathead
  • mulloway
  • snapper
  • trevally
  • barramundi
  • mangrove jack
  • salmon and many others

  • Soft plastic retrievals to use:

    Rigging a Soft Plastic:

    Bite Science soft plastics have been scientifically catching fish since their initial launch and the introduction of the Multi-Pack range means that anglers can taste an assortment of tails in one packet.

    The perfect pack does exist and it includes the Kick Minnow, Mad Minnow and Bunker Buster tails in 4”. The Predator Multi-Pack is perfect for species such as big flathead, mulloway, snapper, barramundi and a large array of inshore and bigger estuary species. Two Substrike jigheads are included in the pack which are matched perfectly to each tail shape.

    Pack includes:

    • 2 x 4" Bunker Buster - Pumpkin
    • 2 x 4" Mad Minnow - Watermelon
    • 2 x 4" Kick Minnow - UV Smelt
    • 2 x #2/0 1/4oz jig heads