Tsunami Estuary Lure Pack Tips

Intro and ideal tackle to use:

Ideal tackle to use with these lures:

  • Fishing rod: Line Class 2-4kg or 3-6kg. Length: 6’6” to 7’6”
  • Fishing reel: 2000 or 3000 size
  • Fishing line: from 6lb to 10lb
  • 2m length of 6lb to 10lb fluorocarbon leader material, tied between your lure and fishing line.
How to rig the soft plastic

The jigheads in the pack are a good size for all the lure tails in the pack, but to make it look natural in the water and to get a great swimming action, you want to rig the jighead to the soft plastic tail just right. This video shows how it’s done.

Soft plastic retrievals to use:

How well you retrieve the lure has an impact on how many fish you catch.You want the lure to mimic the look and swim action of a bait fish to entice a fish to bite. These videos show two popular and simple retrieval methods: