Jarvis Walker Pro Hunter Combos

Anglers on the prowl for tough and reliable outfits that don’t cost the world, look no further. The Jarvis Walker Prohunter rods and reels combine excellent components with robust construction to deliver reliable fishing gear to Aussie anglers.

Prohunter rods are built on tough fibreglass rod blanks that feature inserted solid-tips for added durability and strength. The rod actions are progressive and forgiving and will easily handle some of the toughest fighting fish in Australian waters.

Tastefully designed with metallic grey and silver tones, the Prohunter rods also include high-quality reel seats, line-friendly guides and tough battle-ready EVA grips. There are 11 models in the rod range that cover every fishing application from light spin and boat fishing to general purpose and surf fishing.

Jarvis Walker Prohunter reels are also packed with features. These workhorse reels include an aluminium spool, graphite body and rotor, a stainless steel main shaft and a sleek silver finish. The machined CNC handle, EVA handle grip and the three ball bearings make for smooth and efficient winding. The six reel options (2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000) also include an infinite anti-reverse bearing and they come pre-spooled with quality fishing line.

Prohunter rods and reels are available individually or as carefully matched rod and reel combos. The 11 combo options cover almost every common Australian fishing style from light estuary and freshwater bait fishing to heavy boat and beach fishing. The versatile, purpose-designed combos help to remove the guesswork of matching rod and reel sizes and are the perfect grab-and-go option for anglers of all abilities.

Check out the new Prohunter range at your local tackle store or online and start catching more fish today!

Feature List
  • 3 Ball bearing reel
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Aluminium spool
  • Spooled with line
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Brass pinion gear
  • Inserted solid tip rod
Code Model Barcode Ball Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio Reel Size Ft Met. Pc Rating Inner Qty Outer Qty
18600K Pro Hunter 6'6" Spin / 3000  9312327869545 3+1 10lb/165yd 5.2:1 3000 6'6" 2.00m 2/P 2-6kg 1 10
18601K Pro Hunter 7' Supertip / 2000  9312327869552 3+1 6lb/165yd 5.2:1 2000 7' 2.10m 2/P 1-4kg 1 10
18602K Pro Hunter 7'6" Estuary / 3000  9312327869569 3+1 10lb/165yd 5.2:1 3000 7'6" 2.25m 2/P 3-6kg 1 10
18603K Pro Hunter 6' Boat / 5000  9312327869576 3+1 20lb/105yd 5.2:1 5000 6' 1.80m 2/P 4-8kg 1 10
18604K Pro Hunter 6'6" Boat / 5000  9312327869897 3+1 20lb/105yd 5.2:1 5000 6'6" 2.00m 2/P 4-8kg 1 10
18605K Pro Hunter 7' Boat / 6000  9312327869590 3+1 20lb/125yd 5.2:1 6000 7' 2.10m 2/P 4-10kg 1 10
18606K Pro Hunter 7' Gen Purpose / 4000  9312327869606 3+1 10lb/190yd 5.2:1 4000 7' 2.10m 2/P 4-7kg 1 10
18607K Pro Hunter 8' Gen Purpose / 6000  9312327869613 3+1 20lb/125yd 5.2:1 6000 8' 2.40m 2/P 4-10kg 1 10
18608K Pro Hunter 9' Gen Purpose / 6000  9312327869620 3+1 20lb/125yd 5.2:1 6000 9' 2.70m 2/P 5-10kg 1 10
18609K Pro Hunter 10' Gen Purpose / 8000  9312327869637 3+1 20lb/340yd 4.1:1 8000 10' 3.10m 2/P 5-10kg 1 6
18610K Pro Hunter 12' Surf / 8000  9312327869644 3+1 20lb/340yd 4.1:1 8000 12' 3.70m 2/P 5-12kg 1 6

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