Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rods

RRP $75.95
Type: Rods
SKU: 17549

The Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rods are specifically designed for fishing with sabiki rigs. The multi-hook dropper system of a sabiki rig is one of the most efficient methods for targeting and catching baitfish and often hauls several fish on a single drop. Unfortunately, the downside to the sabiki rig is that the multiple hook system is difficult to manage and is notorious for causing tangles.

The Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rod eradicates this problem by running the main line through the inside of the rod, rather than through guides. This means that the there is nothing on the rod that will catch the sabiki rig. The rig can even be wound internally into the rod.

The Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rod includes quality components, tough and comfortable EVA grips, and a sturdy two-piece rod blank. It’s ideal for dropping rigs off boats, wharves, or break walls.

Simply match the Rovex Specialist Sabiki Rod to a spin or overhead reel and you’ll have a dedicated rod and reel outfit designed specifically for using sabiki rigs. Slimy mackerel, yakkas, and garfish will be filling into the bucket faster than ever before.