Rovex D:8 Cast Braid - Glacier Blue

RRP $35.95
Type: Line
SKU: 300082
  • 8-strand PE braid
  • XSF low friction finish
  • Premium Japanese UHMWPE fibres
  • Low diameter
  • Smooth and supple
  • High strength
  • High-visibility Glacier Blue colour
  • Eco-friendly dyes and recycled packaging

D:8 Cast braid is the latest braid evolution for high-performance technical fishing and precision casting. Constructed from premium Japanese PE fibres and featuring an XSF Low Friction Finish, D:8 Cast braid is incredibly strong, thin and smooth.

Laboratory analysis of line diameters determined that D:8 Cast is thinner than most 8-strand braided fishing lines on the market. This thinner diameter allows more line on the spool, reduces line weight and enhances casting.

The XSF Low Friction Finish is an advanced finishing process that produces an ultra-smooth braid with superb casting properties. The braid incorporates the latest Japanese UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fibres that are supple but maintain remarkable strength properties.

In addition to the physical advances, the new glacier blue colour provides high-visibility contrast and enhanced bite detection in estuarine and freshwater habitats. It also provides added stealth in blue water and tropical reef environments.

The manufacturing processes are also environmentally responsible and incorporate the use of eco-friendly dyes and recycled packaging materials. The result is a win for anglers, fish and the environment.

The thinner, smoother and more advanced fibres of D:8 Cast braid deliver superior distance casting without compromising on fighting strength. It’s the braid to choose for superior casting and better fishing results.