Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice Lures

RRP $7.95
Type: Lures
SKU: 330014
  • Highly effective for boat fishing
  • Highly effective for surf fishing
  • Suitable for tailor, salmon, trevally and mackerel
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Variety of weights
  • Super flash silver prism finish

The Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice Lure is designed to produce incredible flash and action. These chrome slice lures can attract a wide variety of fish species but are especially effective in coastal and pelagic environments. Tailor, Australian Salmon, Trevally and Mackerel will all jump fins over scales to wrap their smackers on these shiny metals.

Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice Lures have multiple tow points that are effective in current and at various depths. Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice lures are excellent for surf or boat casting. Chrome slices possess the ability to be retrieved at high speed or jigged in either deep or shallow waters. They can be bounced in a way similar to plastic lures. Moreover, they closely resemble a wounded or fleeing bait jumping out of the water quickly making the fish go wild.

Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice Lures come in a range of sizes and colours. They’re an affordable option to have in any angler’s tackle box. Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice Packs are available in both two and four pack options.

The Jarvis Walker Chrome Slice Pack are a wise choice for every tackle box due to their versatility in a range of fishing conditions. The stainless steel rings, like everything about Jarvis Walker, can handle the rigours of saltwater fishing and they keep on catching!