Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Lures

RRP $6.95
Type: Lures
SKU: 330029
  • Fish-attracting colours
  • Strong impregnated fish scent
  • Ultra-soft body
  • For use in fresh water or salt water

Looking for a realistic shrimp/prawn imitation scented fishing lure? Jarvis Walker has the answer. The next generation of Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures build on the reputation that only Jarvis Walker is known for - high performance at very affordable prices. Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures suit a wide variety of fishing applications for the most experienced anglers to those who fish on occasion.

The shrimp’s effectiveness as a live bait is precisely why it’s one of the most imitated baits on the market. There are very few fish in the sea the won’t jump at the opportunity to snack on shrimp. Tying one to the end of a line virtually guarantees a bent rod and a mighty fight with a big fish. Choosing the right rigged fishing lure is another matter, and anyone who’s looking for a lure that lasts and a lure with great reputation knows they can rely on Jarvis Walker.

Built with natural colours, Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures are designed using 3D scans of natural and live shrimp. It’s these crucial visual elements that are key to the success of Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures, including the all-important scenting technology from Jarvis Walker and the realistic large prawn eyes. A little tip when selecting the best prawn/shrimp fishing lures lies in the eyes - while prawn eyes may at first appear black, they are actually reflective in the live species.

Combine the lifelike body and eyes, and scenting technologies of Jarvis Walker with the realistic action in the water from the ultra-soft body and a powerful tool is available in your tackle box for catching even the most inactive fish. These lures fish structure and weed beds with ease. Less time will be spent fixing broken line and replacing lost tackle and more time will be spent catching fish.

Enjoy fishing with Jarvis Walker Scented Shrimp Rigged Fishing Lures in freshwater and saltwater conditions.