Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer Bow Mount Motors

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Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer Bow Mount Motors


The Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer Motor is set to make a splash into the world of electric trolling motors. The Hawser’s Cable Steer operation excels in tight waterways where quick, precision manoeuvres around snags, weed, or shallow rocks are critical. The robust cable steer design delivers instant response via the foot pedal ensuring that directional adjustments are always quick and easy.

Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environments, the Watersnake Hawser features a sturdy alloy scissor bracket and a robust alloy and stainless steel shaft for optimum durability. The Hawser’s 48” shaft and 54lbs of thrust is ideal for precision control in rivers, dams, estuary, and inshore habitats.

The Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer Motor also includes an illuminated directional arrow in the head unit, a battery power meter for easy monitoring, a weedless 3-blade propeller for reliable propulsion and a sacrificial anode for added protection. The motor easily connects to a 12-volt marine battery system and is simple to use and maintain.

The foot pedal is intuitive in design and turns the motor with a simple tilt of the pedal. The thrust is easily adjusted by a speed dial and engaged by pressing the button on the pedal.

The Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer Electric Motor offers an alternative control option in the Watersnake range. It’s the perfect choice for lure and tournament anglers who demand precise control and fast response. Whether weaving through tight mangrove-lined creeks, motoring through dead trees in impoundments or working across shallow weed or coral-covered flats, the Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer delivers the ultimate in electric motor control.
CodeModelColourPack QtyThrustVoltageShaftAmpsSteeringSpeeds
55149 Hawser TS 54/48 Cable SteerBlack154lbs12V48"13-54Cable SteerVariable

Watersnake Hawser Cable Steer Bow Mount Motors

Model:Hawser TS 54/48 Cable Steer
Product Style: Handcasters
Shaft Length:48"
Steering:Cable Steer
Pack Qty:1
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