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Lure Fishing – General tips

Catching fish on lures is great fun and in many situations is more effective at catching big fish than some bait techniques. Traditional lure styles have been around longer than anyone reading this column but the modern variations include those fashioned from metals, timbers, hard plastics and soft plastics.

Soft plastic lures are generating the most interest of late and are accounting for some remarkable captures. So much so that some anglers who are new to lure fishing have only every used the soft variety.

There is a lot of debate about which style is the ‘best’ lure. A more productive discussion would be which style works best in a given situation, because all lure styles have advantages and disadvantages across a range of species, locations and conditions.

The trick to catching more fish on any lure is to know firstly, what natural food source you need to imitate, and secondly, what style of swimming action each lure has. If you match the two as closely as possible, cast in the right area at the right time, you’ll catch fish.