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Lure Fishing - Catching whiting on lures

Hot whiting action is only a cast away if you fish smart. Try these handy tips to fine tune your tackle set-up, make longer casts and catch more!

Casting distance
Whiting are easily scared if you get too close when positioning yourself for a cast. This is problematic because the necessary lightweight lures and possible wind can hinder casting distance. Overcome this by using a quality graphite rod with a light tip and crisp casting performance, preferably at least seven foot long. Rod pick: Quantum Response 2-4kg 7’2” spin.

Secure knots and silky-smooth drag
Light lines joined to light leaders demand extra attention to detail. Take care when tying knots and double check to make sure that light mono or fluorocarbon leaders aren’t going to slip through the joining knot when the line loads up. Also, when using light lines and leaders, choose a braid-friendly reel with a very smooth drag that you trust won’t jerk or behave unpredictably. Reel pick: Quantum Energy Spin PTs 20.

Thin main line
Lightweight lures need as much help as possible to fire out to maximum distance, so avoid unnecessary air-on-line drag by using the thinnest line that is practical for the situation. A quality thin-diameter braid will cut through the air better than mono and inferior braids, increasing your casting distance. Main line pick: RovexViros Braid 6lb (0.10mm diameter). Colour: Chartreuse.

Invisible leaders
Whiting are often found in clean clear water and lures must be presented as naturally as possible so the fish don’t think twice before attacking. Fluorocarbon leaders are almost invisible and perfect for whiting fishing. Use a light breaking strain and the fish won’t know you’re there! However, choose a leader with a diameter a bit thicker than your main line, for better knot strength. Leader pick: Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader 4lb (0.17mm diameter).

Lure options
Like with all fishing, always take several lure styles in case the fish don’t respond to your favourite kind on the day. Soft lure pick: Tsunami Pro Super Softie Split Tail 3”. Colour: Amber/Gold. Hard lure pick: Tsunami Super Bream. Colour: Grey & Silver