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Ideal beginner fly fishing set-up for trout

Fly fishing is incredibly fun; there are few angling challenges as rewarding as landing trout on a dry fly. It’s no wonder trout are the one truly international fish. You can get set-up for fly fishing the easy and affordable way with our top-value Blackridge fly range. It’s priced for beginners but plenty of experts like it, too!

Trout fly fishing set-up:

Rod: Blackridge 9’0” (2.75m) 2-piece #6 RRP $49.95
Reel: Blackridge Graphite Fly Reel #5-6 RRP $49.95
Backing: BlackridgeTightweave 20lb RRP $9.95
Fly line: Blackridge Floating Pale Green WF6F RRP $39.95
Leader: Blackridge 9ft Tapered Fly Leader 2X 7lb RRP $4.95
Tippet: Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader 4lb RRP $9.95