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Hooks – Selecting fishing hooks

A fishing hook is no longer just a simple device. Technological advancements in materials and manufacturing have created so many variations that you’re almost guaranteed to find a hook specifically designed for the fish you like to catch.

The real benefits of these advancements are more evident in heavy tackle applications. Small, light gauge hooks are strong and sharp enough out of the box and rarely need to be anything more than that for the fish they are intended for. However, big saltwater sportfish can bend or break inferior hooks with ease, making your choice crucial to success.

Next time you visit a tackle store, ask the staff to talk you through the different hook patterns and sizes so you can decide for yourself which hooks best suit the style of fishing you enjoy most. More detailed information might inspire ideas for a new rig or tempt you to cast into places you wouldn’t have dared to before. But that’s okay, some of the new shapes and strengths are making the impossible possible.