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Floats - Fishing with floats

Many of the fish we like to catch spend much of their lives hanging around the bottom of rivers and oceans. This explains why most fish’s eyes are at the top of the head—it’s practical for lying low, looking up for food to pass by. Therefore it makes perfect sense to present baits and lures with this in mind.

Suspending baits at a predetermined depth with floats is one method of keeping them in visible positions to attract fish. Floats come in all shapes and sizes and suit applications as wide ranging as trout stream fishing to floating big live baits for offshore pelagic predators.

Setting up for float fishing can be as easy or as complex and precise as you want to make it. However, as with all fishing, the more thought you put into what you’re trying to achieve with your rig, the more fish you will catch.

If you’ve never tried floats, give it a go next time you’re on the water. It’s effective, and also lots of fun! The anticipation and excitement will have your emotions riding every wave and movement. It’s an intense, visual experience.