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Flathead - General Tips

Flathead are an easy fish to catch and lend themselves well to many fish recipes, but you have to find them first.

Bait fishing is effective, but bearing in mind flathead are an ambush predator, lures will cover more ground and often attract bigger fish. Soft plastic lures rigged on jig heads appropriately weighted for the depth of water and prevailing current are your best bet.

A light rod with a line rating around 2kg and length of about 2m matched with a small threadline reel is ample power for the task-and fun to use.

Target open weedy areas in shallow bays and flats for smaller eating-size fish. Bigger fish can be found in areas subject to more tidal movement. Remember that large breeding fish are the future of the species, so handle and release them carefully. A large landing net will make that task much easier and protect your hands from the many spikes on flathead.