Van Staal VR Series Reels

When supreme power and consistency come together in perfect harmony, the result is the Van Staal VR Spinning Reel. Van Staal VR Fishing Reels perform flawlessly and are bound to be a popular choice for all diehard fishos.

Van Staal VR Fishing Reels are deceptively light with power beyond anything else in the same price range. Designed for extreme sports, these Van Staal VR Fishing Reels are a real joy to fish with. Anglers looking to stay on top of their game will have plenty of fun with this awesome piece of equipment.

Casting accuracy and distance is a standout performance feature of the Van Staal VR Series Fishing Reels. With the added advantage of having the smoothest retrieve possible, Van Staal VR Fishing Reels step up to the mark with finesse. The Van Staal VR Fishing Reel’s frame has been machined out of durable and waterproof 6061-T6 aluminium making it both robust and dependable. The weightlessness of the Van Staal VR Fishing Reel has been made possible through masterfully engineered machined cuts on the body, rotor and spool.

Van Staal VR Spinning Reels handle well. The comfortable Delrin-ball styled knob serves as the grip and makes sure that anglers are in total control at all the times. No angler wants to lose their grip in the middle of a tug-of-war. Again, Van Staal VR Fishing Reels deliver.

The immense spiral-bevel drive gear and pinion is a big reason why VR Reels operate so smoothly. The one-of-a-kind sealed and waterproof drag system uses six stainless steel and six carbon fibre washers that deliver its distinctive strength. The MicroClick drag tuning accuracy just adds to the experience. Additionally, the Van Staal VR Series Fishing Reels’ modular aluminium body is incorporated on all five sizes of the reel.

Van Staal VR Fishing Reels come with a kit for bail-less conversion. This useful inclusion will allow anglers to change modes on the go. So whether anglers like to fish with a bail or bail-less, with a Van Staal VR Fishing Reel it’s no longer about ‘either’ and ‘or’, just the one reel works for everyone.

Feature List
  • 6061-T6 waterproof aluminum body
  • Sealed and waterproof drag system
  • Spiral-bevel drive gear and pinion
  • MicroClick™ drag tuning accuracy
  • Solid stainless steel centre shaft
  • Includes kit for bail-less conversion
Code Model Barcode Ball Bearings Line Capacity Line Cap Braid Max Drag Gear Ratio Inner Qty Outer Qty Weight Line Retrieve
26164 VR50 Left Hand Wind 0854692001704 N/A 10lb/240yd 20lb/360yd N/A 6.3:1 1 12 8.9oz. 36.9" Turn
26165 VR125 Left Hand Wind 0854692001636 N/A 10lb/340yd 20lb/400yd N/A 4.8:1 1 12 15.8oz. 31.6" Turn
26166 VR150 Left Hand Wind 0854692001643 N/A 12lb/360yd 30lb/440yd N/A 4.8:1 1 12 16.0oz. 34.2" Turn
26167 VR175 Left Hand Wind 0854692001667 N/A 15lb/360yd 30lb/530yd N/A 4.8:1 1 12 16.5oz. 37.6" Turn
26168 VR200 Left Hand Wind 0854692001650 N/A 15lb/400yds 40lb/500yd N/A 4.8:1 1 12 17.0oz. 40.4" Turn

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