Specialist Baitcast/Overhead Combos

The Specialist Baitcast and Overhead Combos are carefully matched rod and reel outfits for high performance casting and trolling. Constructed using high-quality components, technique-specific rod blanks, and matched to dependable reels, these outfits deliver superb performance and incredible value.

The 5’6”, 8kg Rovex Revenge rod and Oberon baitcaster reel combo excel at targeting large trophy barra and Murray cod in rivers and dams, while the Rovex Specialist 5’6”, 5-8kg baitcast rod and Rovex Oberon reel is a general all-rounder. The 6’, 12-15kg Jarvis Walker Odyssey Overhead Boat Combo is a solid overhead outfit for dropping baits or trolling in inshore or offshore waters.

The Specialist Baitcast and Overhead Combos deliver a variety of premium quality baitcaster and overhead outfits that cover popular fishing techniques and species in Australian waters. The bonus is that you can pick up a dedicated outfit for your preferred style of fishing without breaking the bank.

Feature List
  • Technique specific
  • Stylish finish
  • Expert matched
Code Model Barcode Ball Bearings Line Capacity Gear Ratio Reel Size Ft Met. Pc Rating Inner Qty Outer Qty
18279 Rovex Specialist 5'6" BC Rod/ Rovex Oberon BC Reel 9312327825343 4+1 12lb/109yd 6.2:1 N/A 5'6" 1.70m 1/P 5-8kg 1 10
19851 Rovex Revenge 56BCH Rod/ Rovex Oberon BC Reel 9312327865691 4+1 12lb/109yd 6.2:1 N/A 5'6" 1.68m 1/P 8kg 1 10
17624 JW Odyssey 6' Overhead Boat Combo 9312327790290 3+1 30lb/470yds 4.5:1 N/A 6' 1.80m 1/P 12-15kg 1 10

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