Quantum Smoke Inshore Rods

Quantum Smoke Inshore Fishing Rods have everything that a fisho could ever look for in a rod and much more in a great inshore fishing rod.

Quantum Smoke Inshore Fishing Rods are perfect for beginners through to more experienced anglers. Quantum Smoke Inshore Fishing Rods are perfect for a wide variety of fishing situations.

The high-modulus carbon blank featured on the Quantum Smoke Fishing Rod is something else entirely. It is a big reason behind the rod’s strength. There is nothing in the class that can compare to the Quantum Smoke Rod’s strength to weight ratio making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Quantum Smoke Inshore Fishing Rods come with braid-friendly guides that enhance resilience and provide smooth delivery and retrieval. Being a pretty tough rod already, these guides make it all the more smooth to use. The refined actions of the rod supplement the strength with superior performance and add a touch of elegance to the mix.

Quantum Smoke inshore Fishing Rods come in a variety of models for general fishing applications including a shorter model that breaks down to three pieces for easy transport. Team a Quantum Smoke Inshore Fishing Rod up with a Quantum Fishing Reel and you have one balanced outfit.

Feature List
  • High-modulus carbon blank
  • Braid-friendly guides
  • Refined actions
Code Model Barcode Ft Met. Pc Rating Inner Qty Outer Qty
099110 Smoke Inshore 621BC 9312327842715 6'2" 1.88m 1 10-17lb 1 10
099111 Smoke Inshore 513BC 9312327842722 5'10" 1.78m 3 10-17lb 1 10
099112 Smoke Inshore 611SPL 9312327842739 6'10" 2.08m 1 4-10lb 1 10
099117 Smoke Inshore 663SP 9312327842784 6'6" 2.00m 3 10-17lb 1 10
099113 Smoke Inshore 702SPL 9312327842746 7' 2.10m 2 4-8lb 1 10
099114 Smoke Inshore 701SPLM 9312327842753 7' 2.10m 1 6-12lb 1 10
099115 Smoke Inshore 701SPM 9312327842760 7' 2.10m 1 10-17lb 1 10
099118 Smoke Inshore 701SPH 9312327842777 7' 2.10m 1 12-20lb 1 10

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