Jarvis Walker Fishing Multi Tool

RRP $16.95
SKU: 42190

Fishing, boating, camping, and mechanical tinkering usually goes hand-in-hand but limited space on a boat or in a tackle bag doesn’t allow for an extensive toolkit. This is exactly why the Jarvis Walker Fishing Multi-Tool is a valuable investment and a huge space saver.

The Jarvis Walker Fishing Multi-Tool includes all of the common tools required for fixing and adjusting fishing tackle, camping equipment, or boating accessories on the go. Featuring pliers, scissors, a knife, a mini-saw, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, and more, the Jarvis Walker Fishing Multi-Tool will keep your fishing and outdoor adventures functional and rescue you from any mechanically sticky situations.

Whether you’re servicing a reel, cutting lines, or flattening barbs, the Jarvis Walker Fishing Multi-Tool is a one-stop shop for quick fixes on the go. It also makes a great present for birthdays, Christmas, or Father’s Day.