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Jarvis Walker voluntary recall of Adult PFD Type 1 - New Zealand 

Jarvis Walker Pty Ltd is conducting a recall of an Adult PFD Type 1.
Sold as a twin pack under Jarvis Walker brand, code 241300
Sold from November 2016 to January 2017

Single unit marking contains “PFD TYPE 1”

Defect: The waist strap in the affected PFDs that secures the PFD to the wearer is only attached to the left hand side of the device. The waist strap is not attached to the right hand side of the device.

Hazard: If not secured correctly, the waist strap may slip from the position and cause the device to become ill-fitting on the wearer. This may affect the function of the affected PFDs so that depending on the circumstances, it may not keep the wearer in a safe floating position.

What to do: Consumers should immediately stop using the Block PFD and contact the retailer from where purchased for a full refund.

Contact details: For further information or queries, please contact:
        Phone: 09309 0519 (Brittain Wynard & Co Ltd)

Traders who sold the Adult PFD Type 1

  • Coopers Beach Sports & Tackle
  • KP Marine
  • Manawatu Hunting & Fishing
  • Outdoor H & J Smith
  • The Big Fish Pakuranga
  • Estway Sports
  • Topcatch Half Moon Bay
  • Topcatch Takapuna
  • Topcatch Clevedon
  • Topcatch Whangarei