Please find the following links where you can download the latest Product Guides, Product Catalogues, Watersnake Motor Selection Guides and Watersnake Motor Wiring Diagrams!

PFD Self Inspection:

Download instructions for annual self-inspection of your inflatable PDF PFD Servicing offered by businesses. Please note "Jarvis Walker" and "Anglers' Central Service Centre" are not affiliated with the businesses offering PFD Servicing. The above list is supplied only as a convenience to PFD owners, not as an endorsement or recommendation, and we encourage you to make your own enquiries.

  • Product Guides & Catalogues on your favourite fishing gear:
  • Product Guide - Condor Fish Finder F-238Download
  • Product Guide - Condor Fish Finder F-247 DF (Dual Frequency)Download
  • Product Guide - Fin-Nor Rods & ReelsDownload
  • Product Guide - Freedom Hawk KayaksDownload
  • Product Guide - Gary Howard Performance Fishing RodsDownload
  • Product Guide - Jarvis Marine AccessoriesDownload
  • Product Guide - Quantum Rods & ReelsDownload
  • Product Guide - Rovex Air StikeDownload
  • Product Guide - Van Staal ReelsDownload
  • Product Guide - Watersnake MotorsDownload
  • Product Guide - Watersnake Features & Motor Selection GuideDownload
  • Watersnake Motor User Manuals:
  • Watersnake User Manual - AdvanceDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - AmbushDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Ambush SWDRDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - ASPDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - ASP with Bracket ManualDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Assault DSBDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - CombatDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - FierceDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - GPSmartDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - HawserDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Shadow DRDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Shadow IIDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Shadow SWRTDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Sidewinder CVDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Slider ProDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Slider SWXBDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Slither SLDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Slither TSB-PSBDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Tracer FWTDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Venom ETDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Venom SXDownload
  • Watersnake Motor Additional User Instructions:
  • Remote Control Battery Replacement Instructions for Watersnake Slider Pro SWRC, Fierce SWRF, Combat Bow Mount Motors.Download
  • Remote Control Battery Replacement Instructions for Watersnake Shadow MKII NGRC Bow Mount Motors.Download
  • Bow Mount Motor Deploying / Stowing InformationDownload
  • Watersnake Motor Wiring Diagrams:
  • Watersnake ASP-T18 - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake ASP-T24 - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake Assault DSB - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake Shadow DR - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake Shadow SWRT - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake User Manual - Sidewinder CVDownload
  • Watersnake Slider SWXB - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake Slither TSB-PSB - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake Venom ET - Wiring DiagramDownload
  • Watersnake Motor Foot Control Wiring Diagrams:
  • Watersnake Foot Control Unit - Wiring Diagram (SWDR, SWXB, PSB, TSB models)Download
  • Watersnake Foot Control Unit - Wiring Diagram (SWRT model only)Download
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manuals:
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - F-238Download
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - 242 dc & 245 dfDownload
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - 242 dc PortableDownload
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - 250 WiDownload
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - 260 BaitDownload
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - 320 & 325 dfDownload
  • Condor Fish Finder User Manual - 340 & 345c dfDownload

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