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Fishing with kids

  1. Family Fishing

    Watching a child’s excitement when they catch a fish is enough to make you wonder why you waste money on toys when a simple fishing trip provides more pleasure.
  2. Tips for fishing with kids [Video]

    Emma George offers her Top 5 tips for fishing with kids
  3. Family fishing day on the Swan River [Video]

    Family fishing day catching flathead and other species on Perth's Swan River with Emma George, Jarvis Walker Pro Team member
  4. Mum & kids go fishing [Video]

    Kids catching flathead from a jetty, fishing with Emma George (Jarvis Walker Pro Team member), who offers excellent advice for parents fishing with kids
  5. Fishing tips for the kids!

    10 tips with illustrations perfect for the kids to read.
  6. Where it all starts [Tip]

    Fishing is a quiet achiever. Those unacquainted with fishing see a simple, smelly, task that’s no longer necessary thanks to the local fish‘n’ chip shop. Those who know better are often caught staring at horizons as they ponder the special things that wouldn’t be experienced were it not for this ancient rite.