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Lure Fishing

  1. NEW VIDEO: Bream fishing with lures [Video]

    Some tips to get started with bream lure fishing.
  2. NEW VIDEO: Beach fishing with metal lures [Video]

    Handy tips for fishing beaches with metal lures.
  3. NEW VIDEO: Beach fishing with lures [Video]

    Handy tips for fishing beaches with lures.
  4. NEW VIDEO: How to catch flathead [Video]

    Check out these great lure trolling tips for flathead.
  5. NEW VIDEO: Estuary Lure Fishing [Video]

    Check out these great tips for fishing estuaries with lures.
  6. How to Series 2 - Basic popper retrieves [Video]

    This Fishing World video demonstrates how to fish poppers and entice amazing surface strikes from pelagic fish.
  7. How to Series 1 - Rigging a soft plastic [Video]

    The first in Fishing World's brand new on-going series of practical how-to fishing and boating related videos. Proudly presented by Tsunami lures.
  8. How to Series 2 - Soft plastic retrieves [Video]

    Fishing World's Jim Harnwell demonstrates the best ways to fish a Storm WildEye Shad.
  9. Sydney fishing - light tackle action on kingfish, bonito and amberjack [Video]

    Fun Sydney light tackle fishing for small kingfish, bonito and amberjack with Quantum rods and reels
  10. Fishing Sydney Harbour with Tsunami Stick Baits [Video]

    Catching kingfish and bonito in Sydney Harbour on Tsunami soft plastic stick bait lures
  11. The New Cal GT Experience [Article]

    Giant trevally (GT) fanatics have a reputation for being crazy sadists, the kind of people who would pay a leather-clad dominatrix with rusty-metal-spiked stilettos to torture them, just for the pleasure of the pain.
  12. Lure Fishing - Using sinking lures [Tip]

    Casting lures in estuaries is a fun option when the weather prevents you heading outside. It’s also an exciting and productive means of catching fish in its own right.
  13. Lure fishing - Tsunami Lures Pro Tips and lure suggestions for popular fish [Tip]

    The ‘best’ lure is always determined by the environment and the conditions, because all lure styles have advantages and disadvantages depending on species, locations and times.
  14. Lure Fishing - Light estuary surface lure success [Tip]

    You’re always more likely to catch fish if they don’t know you’re around. This is especially true when fishing estuaries and shallow flats with small surface lures while targeting finicky species such as bream, whiting and flathead.
  15. Lure Fishing – General tips [Tip]

    Catching fish on lures is great fun and in many situations is more effective at catching big fish than some bait techniques. Traditional lure styles have been around longer than anyone reading this column but the modern variations include those fashioned from metals, timbers, hard plastics and soft plastics.
  16. Lure Fishing - Catching whiting on lures [Tip]

    Hot whiting action is only a cast away if you fish smart. Try these handy tips to fine tune your tackle set-up, make longer casts and catch more!
  17. Lure Fishing - Catching more with soft plastics [Tip]

    Soft plastic lures are popular because they catch fish and are easy to use. The supple materials used to make these lures are perfect for a natural looking imitation of baitfish, and that’s what makes them so effective.