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Fly Fishing

  1. NEW VIDEO: Sailfish on fly [Video]

    Watch a gun fly fisher tag and release a Cairns sailfish!
  2. New YouTube video featuring Blackridge fly tackle [Video]

    Check out the latest video on our YouTube channel!
  3. How to get started with fly fishing [Video]

    This informative Fishing World clip runs through all the basics to help get you started in fly fishing.

    Fly fishing is a sport rich in excitement, challenge and tradition. Throughout generations of enthusiasts, the sport has maintained its integrity and attraction.
  5. Trout Redemption [Article]

    The amiable John Coles is a fishing guide around the fringes of Sydney. His reputation is second to none. But I am a piscatorial Thomas.
  6. Ideal beginner fly fishing set-up for trout [Tip]

    Fly fishing is incredibly fun; there are few angling challenges as rewarding as landing trout on a dry fly.
  7. FRESHWATER FLY-FISHING: Getting started [Tip]

    Fly-fishing for trout has been around a long time. Mysticism seems to surround the sport, which has more than its share of eccentrics.