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  1. NEW VIDEO: Striped marlin and mahi mahi

    Watch as the Jarvis Walker Brands staff undertake some reel testing on Fin-Nor Santiago and Marquesa reels off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, landing a nice striped marlin and mahi mahi.

  2. NEW VIDEO: Bream fishing with lures

    Bream fishing with lures is a fun way to catch an old favourite and presents good angling challenges that can help you learn to improve in all your fishing styles. This video offers some tips on how to get started with bream luring.

  3. NEW VIDEO: Beach fishing with metal lures

    Beach fishing with metal lures is great fun, easy to do and very effective. This video offers some handy tips to help you catch more at your local beaches using this luring technique.

  4. NEW VIDEO: Beach fishing with bait

    These handy tips on beach fishing with bait show how simple but effective this fishing style is—and the 42cm bream capture proves the technique works!

  5. NEW VIDEO: How to catch flathead

    Trolling lures is an easy and fun way to catch flathead and this short video shows how you can do it.

  6. New YouTube video featuring Blackridge fly tackle

    Watch Blackridge fly fishing rods, reels, lines and tapered fly leaders in action. In this video you'll see the great value Blackridge fly tackle proving that you don't need to spend big to enjoy fun fly fishing!

    Watch the action!

  7. The Fisherman's Bucket List - 50 fish to catch before your last cast

    Paul Worsteling drops a line into the ‘best fish to catch’ conversation with his latest book release, The Fisherman’s Bucket List—50 fish to catch before your last cast. This elegantly presented hard cover book profiles 50 top sportfish, each described with a mix of anecdotes, interesting facts, related species information, hot spots, fishing tips, cooking advice and comments of interest that provide you with a taste of an encounter with each fish.

    Paul Worsteling, best known for his fishing exploits on his television show IFISH, avoids the textbook style so often used in fishing books and instead takes a conversational approach to a topic that is sure to create as many arguments as laughs among fishing mates debating what fish species should make an angler’s bucket list. The clean spacious layouts and the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of each species please the eye. Each fish profile is also accompanied by a couple of field shots to give you a feel for the on-water experience. The geographical range of each fish is represented on a map positioned next to three hot spot suggestions, plus there’s a details box for you to fill in as you catch each fish.

    Worsteling starts with anecdotes of personal encounters for each fish then moves on to describe those facts that best represent the fish and the experience of catching one. Interesting information about closely-related fish species is included, providing subtle fishing clues, and Worsteling also offers one ‘Paul’s Tip’ for each fish, to complement the suggested fishing tactics and cooking advice.

    This book is a conversation in waiting and as MOTO GP champion Casey Stoner mentions in the book’s Forward, “It will no doubt inspire anglers into action [and] will get you thinking about the fish you most want to catch.”

    The Fisherman’s Bucket List—50 fish to catch your last cast by Paul Worsteling is available online, at Tackle World stores and select book shops.

    RRP: $39.99
    Publisher: Jarvis Walker Brands

    To order your copy and take advantage of free delivery, CLICK HERE