Jarvis Walker Karbonite Rods

The Karbonite graphite rod range combines some of the latest rod components with fast action blanks specifically designed for Australian sports fish.

Equipped with Polymer Grip Technology, the Karbonite grip style ensures a secure and comfortable grasp for casting and fighting fish. The textured sports grips are also durable, easy to clean and they add a splash of colour to fishing outfits.

The Karbonite rods also feature an EXB Reel Seat that exposes the internal structure and reduces weight. This skeletal design allows closer contact with the rod blank to improve sensitivity and it adds another element of style to the range.

The fast and responsive 24-ton carbon rod blanks provide an excellent balance between casting performance, reduced weight and durability. Other rod features include split-grip construction, blue trims and braid-ready guides.

The versatile Karbonite rod range includes six spin models and a baitcaster option to ensure that most freshwater, estuary and inshore fishing techniques are covered. All spin rods feature a two-piece design for easy transport and storage.

Whether you’re cranking hardbody lures for barra with the baitcaster, flicking ultralight soft plastics with the 2-4kg models or casting metals to pelagics with the 8-10kg stick, these rods have the hardware and actions to deliver results. Get your hands on the impressive new Karbonite graphite rods and start catching in style.

Feature List
  • High-modulus 24 ton carbon
  • Fast taper, responsive blanks
  • Polymer grip technology
  • EXB reel seat
  • Braid-ready guides
Code Model Barcode Ft Met. Pc Rating Inner Qty Outer Qty
17200 Karbonite 591BCM 9312327869040 5'9" 1.76m 1/P 5-8kg 1 20
17201 Karbonite 662SPXL 9312327869057 6'6" 2.00m 2/P 2-4kg 1 20
17202 Karbonite 6102SPXL 9312327869064 6'10" 2.08m 2/P 2-4kg 1 20
17203 Karbonite 732SPL 9312327869071 7'3" 2.20m 2/P 3-6kg 1 20
17204 Karbonite 702SPLM 9312327869088 7' 2.10m 2/P 4-6kg 1 20
17205 Karbonite 702SPM 9312327869095 7' 2.10m 2/P 6-8kg 1 20
17206 Karbonite 702SPH 9312327869101 7' 2.10m 2/P 8-10kg 1 20

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