How Can We Help?

  • The promotional tag on my product indicates that the promotion has expired. Can I still redeem the offer?
    Yes, we are still honoring redemptions even if the expiry date on your promotion tag has passed. Please go ahead and complete the redemption either online or by posting in to the address listed on the promotional card.
  • I’m having problems with the online redemption process, what can I do?
    • Firstly, check that the redemption code that you are entering is exactly as listed on the card. The codes are case sensitive.
    • You do not need to create an account when checking out – you can select the option to “check out as guest”
  • I have more than one promotion tag – do I have to pay the postage and handling charge for each one?
    Yes, due to the way that these items are packed and sent, it’s not possible to consolidate multiple packs
  • I don’t like to use my credit card online – can I pay using another method?
    Our payment system is very secure however if you prefer, you can give us a call on 03 8787 6900 to process a payment over the phone or you can send in your redemption card with either a cheque or money order via post.
  • When can I expect to receive my parcel?
    • Generally we dispatch these promotional items every Friday (except Public Holidays). Australia Post advises that delivery can take up to 10 business days
    • Redemptions that are sent in via post are manually entered and may take longer to be received than if redeeming online.
  • I received an email indicating that my parcel has been sent but it’s been a couple of days and it hasn’t arrived, what’s happening?
    Australia Post advises that delivery can take up to 10 business days.
  • I redeemed more than one item and only one has arrived today, where is the other one?
    Due to the way that these items are packed and sent, it’s possible that if you redeemed more than one item the other(s) will be delivered separately.
  • I received my parcel but the item seems to have been damaged in transit, what can I do?
    Please email us at with details of your order including your name and address and a contact number or give us a call on 03 8787 6900
  • How can I get spare parts or schematics for my reel or Watersnake motor?
  • I can’t find the parts that I require, can you help?
    Please give us a call on 03 8787 6900 (option 3)
  • Do you service reels?
    • Yes, if you would like to have your reel serviced please send it to:
      Anglers’ Central Service Centre Pty Ltd
      C/O Jarvis Walker Pty Ltd
      297-305 South Gippsland Highway
      Dandenong South. VIC. 3175
    • Download the Reel Repair Request Form
    • Please ensure that you include return contact information and a brief description of the particular issue that requires attention
  • What brands do you service?
    We sell and service the following brands:
    • Jarvis Walker
    • Rovex
    • Fin-Nor
    • Quantum
    • Van Staal
    We are no longer the distributor for Penn however we can still service certain Penn models. For more information please call us on 03 8787 6900 (option 3)
  • Do you have service agents for Watersnake motors?
    Yes, a list of our Watersnake service agents can be found here: I need to speak to someone about my Watersnake, who can I call? Please call us on 03 8787 6900 (option 3) My Watersnake motor is not operating correctly, what can I do? Please refer to our separate section for Watersnake motors here: Watersnake info
  • I need more information about PFD servicing
  • Where can I buy your products?
    • Our items are stocked in a range of outlets, a full list can be found here: Find A Retailer
    • If you nearest retail outlet does not have stock they are welcome to place a special order on your behalf
  • Can I buy from you direct?
    We do not sell direct to the public (apart from spare parts)
  • Where can I get more information on a product?
    Our website ( provides a wealth of information on our products however if you require more information please give us a call on 03 8787 6900.
  • I’ve just purchased one of your products but I’m not sure how to use it?
  • What about warranty / returns?
    More information can be found here:
  • Battery requirements
    • We strongly recommend the use of 12v “deep cycle” batteries with your Watersnake motor and that the battery is independent of the rest of your boats electrical system.
    • We advise against using 12v car batteries as they are not designed for the constant cycles of charge and discharge
    • The size of deep cycle battery required is largely down to personal choice. As a rule of thumb, if your motor has a thrust rating of 54lb, then it will require approx. 50amps per hour to operate at full speed. A 50amp deep cycle battery would therefore give around 1 hours use at full speed. (These are approximate figures and may vary – check with a battery supplier for more information)
    • A fully charged 12v deep cycle battery should actually supply well over 12v. If your battery is showing less than 12v it will not be sufficient to power your Watersnake motor
  • Maintenance / Repair Videos
    We have a number of videos available on Youtube:
  • Power issues
    • Often power issues can be quickly rectified by checking your battery and or wiring first.
    • Watersnake motors require 12+ volts in order to function correctly. Check that your deep cycle battery is providing 12+ volts by either testing with a battery voltage tester or take into your nearest battery outlet for testing. Battery chargers indicating full charge are not always a good indication if there is a fault with the battery
    • A common indicator that the motor is not receiving sufficient power from the battery is when the motor is able to turn left and right but is not providing any thrust
    • Check wiring, terminals and fuse / circuit breaker for any sign of breakage, loose connection or a build up of corrosion / salt. This can cause insufficient voltage to be received by the motor. See below example of the main areas to check. These are all areas that should be periodically checked as part of routine maintenance.
    • If modifying or extending the original battery leads, ensure that appropriate connectors and wiring is used. We recommend that minimum of “8 gauge” wire is used when extending the battery leads and that “Anderson Plugs” are used for connectors.

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