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PFDs / Life Jackets

Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is another term for Life Jacket, and they are divided into five 'levels': Level 275, Level 150, Level 100, Level 50 and Level 50S.

The PFD levels are determined in terms of buoyancy and safety. Level 275 is suited for commercial applications and offshore extreme conditions; Level 150 is an open water, offshore deep-water life jacket; Level 100 is for open sheltered waters (the same as the old 'Type 1' category - basically the traditional life jacket); Level 50 (the same as the old 'Type 2') is a buoyancy vest worn in protected waters or near the shore, where help is at hand; and Level 50S (the same as the old 'Type 3') and is suited as a sports buoyancy vest, in sheltered waters where help is at hand, as it provides limited protection against drowning.

When it comes to choosing what's best for you and your boating needs, ensure that you check with your local Australian Marine Safety Authority for more information on the State-by-State PFD requirements.

Please note: Compliance to Australian Safety Standards requires that all inflatable PFDs must be serviced annually from the "date of purchase".

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