Quantum’s dominance of the American professional bass tournament scene is testament to the high level of innovation and research and development behind each of the reels. Quantum’s engineers and designers were given US$5 million to develop a new testing facility six years ago and the results of the rigorous in-house testing that followed are the latest Quantum Performance Tuned (PT) reels. Now, the second generation PT reels are even lighter, sleeker and smoother again.

Aussie anglers are especially impressed with Quantum’s PT Saltwater Series. Quantum’s engineers utilised the start-of-the-art testing lab to create SaltGuard: it’s a six-layer finish that protects with a dense molecular barrier on the aluminium, followed by two separate corrosion inhibitors, primer paint, a base coat and finished with a clear coat for the ultimate protection in harsh saltwater environments. SaltGuard is standard on all Quantum PT Saltwater reels.

Other popular features in Quantum reels are the highest performing bearings in the industry, which were developed from technologies used in large turbine aircraft engines. The hybrid bearing design utilises nitrogen-injected stainless steel combined with special polymers that shield the bearings to reduce friction and noise. The stacked ceramic drag system is just as high-tech: it features a special ceramic coating on the discs to dissipate heat quicker and reduce drag fatigue when big fish strip line, which is when you need consistent performance the most!

The full range of Quantum PTs spin reels and baitcasters are all feature-packed, and you can learn about the specific designs and benefits of each reel on this website.

Quantum’s specialist baitcasters are an example of Quantum’s engineering excellence. These reel were developed based on extensive research involving American bass tournament pro anglers, such as Kevin Vandam, who has won more than US$4 million in prize money exclusively using Quantum reels. They offers exceptional casting, smooth performance and durability.

Quantum engineers have equalled their excellence in reel design with a range of Quantum rods that match the high performance expected of Quantum reels.

Quantum baitcaster rods and reels have recently been tested on the toughest fish pound-for-pound in the world: the Papuan black bass. With that test passed with excellence, you can rest assured this gear is the real deal.

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