Fishing has changed a lot since the mid 1900s. We know, because our fishing equipment has continually evolved to suit Aussie anglers since Jarvis ‘Jim’ Walker made our first rod in 1946. Jim was an energetic and skilled fisherman with a vision to produce professional quality fishing tackle at a price the general public could afford.

By the 1960s Jarvis Walker was synonymous with Australian fishing and has since grown to become a true Australian icon and a success story on the international stage, with our products now sold into more than 35 countries. We reckon Jim would be proud that Jarvis Walker is still Australian owned and that our products continue to offer that great mix of quality, value for money and fish-catching performance.

From the start we’ve had a commitment to stick with Jim’s ideals and we’ll continue our dedication towards promoting fishing as a fun and healthy outdoor activity that brings family and friends together.

Each year thousands of Aussie anglers make their first cast with a Jarvis Walker fishing rod and we’re proud to be involved with your family weekends, boating trips, camping trips, the kids’ first fish and the progression on to bigger and better fishing experiences.


Do you need help selecting fishing tackle? Check out our Buying Guides that provide excellent advice on choosing the best tackle for your specific fishing needs.

These comprehensive guides ensure that you are always equipped with the correct fishing tackle on all of your holidays and fishing adventures.

From hooks, sinkers and baitcaster reels, to spinning rods, and electric motors - we’ve got it all covered!

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We’re keen anglers at Jarvis Walker just like you! As you’d expect, we love targeting all types of fish species using a variety of different fishing techniques.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a library of expert fishing advice on the best fishing techniques, strategies, knots, and rigs, so take some time out to read an article or watch an instructional video.

Our extensive list of fishing tips covers a broad spectrum of fish species, habitats and techniques. We also cater to a variety of fishing experience levels with beginner and intermediate advice as well as advanced technique-specific tips.

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