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Australia’s own Jarvis Marine Watersnake electric trolling motors have had a huge impact on the Australian boating market. Watersnake electric motors, both fresh and saltwater models, offer consumers more power and reliability for fewer dollars. Stringently tested and evaluated in Australian conditions, Watersnake trolling motors are constructed from high quality components.

The success of Watersnake motors has been built on the proven reliability. Aussie anglers and boaties have responded to the full range of transom and bow-mount motors, tiller-steer or foot-controlled, all of which operate quietly. They’re a hit with fisherman. Yachties are also embracing the electric motor, but more for the fuel-free benefits than for stealth.

Watersnake motors are designed primarily with the angler in mind, incorporating sensible design features such as telescopic tiller handles, five forward and two reverse speed controls. Some transom motors have variable speed control. Anti-twist propellers that won’t clog in weed are standard. Other features available (depending on model) include Power Meter, Hand Control, 12 Led lights for night fishing and automatic cut-off switch that eliminates amp draw even when the motor is still connected to the battery. Another smart feature many anglers appreciate include: the tilting head on selected tiller-control motors; and the completely enclosed and sealed waterproofed circuit board positioned inside the motor casing, standard in foot-control motors.

Watersnake motors are top-quality and feature-packed, offering anglers fish-catching stealth and easy boat-manoeuvrability at great prices.

When choosing a battery for your Watersnake electric motor system, we recommend a high quality deep cycle marine battery is used. Deep cycle marine batteries are unlike car batteries, they are designed to be run down to a discharged state and then they are able to be recharged.

Tip: To extend the life of your battery, always recharge after each use. Many issues with electric motor batteries fail due to lack of correct charging.

We recommend you use an inline fuse to protect the circuit of the motor. An inline fuse is a connection that joins the motor battery cable to the battery and shuts the motor off if the battery terminal connection over heats.

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Take a look at the Electric Motors Catch Fish video by Patrick Brennan from Fishing World Magazine to see why a Watersnake electric motor is a common accessory on fising boats these days.

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